“What is to give light must endure the burning.”

- Viktor Frankl (via quote-book)

“Women are not a sexy being, they are God most beautiful creation so respect them”

- me

and all my hopes and dream vanish in this year … lost and no one is here anymore

“I’m the most screwed up person in the world.”

- Gregory House (via quote-book)

I am sorry

there no other words that can bug me more then this words … I’m Sorry .. the words that have never been reply, ignored, or just been consider Joking at some point. yup this Love live is hurting as always but as u said that I had to find a better one than u … that hurt coz u know your a best a friend can be … and I’m sorry.

I cant life a live based on a lie and always on regret in doing what supposed to be I can do it, I’m not begging .. what I know is that never to put trust too much on others except to God , and I’ll always pray the best for u in anything …

I’m sorry I cant be a friend u think I am ..I’m sorry for making u think useless thing .. I’m sorry for even been there. I’m sorry if u put high hope even once on me , I’m sorry I exsisted in your memories ….

this is something that I guess I’d never hear the answer …

*okay time to go Back to reality [^^]a


(via cupcakehour)

where can I have / bought this kind of pocky o_o (via asketchlife)

edited it on photoshop a bit .. and on the back you can read it as ” I love yu Aoi ” hahah she’s my favorite japanese actress ♥ かわいい にゃん~~~~!

a sketch of a person that change my life point of view , that made me realize I’m not yet to be the person I’m suposed to be and I have to be gone first to make her happy

“I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I`m awake, you know?”

- Ernest Hemingway (via quote-book)

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it was fun it was great its always awesome here but I'm so dead now .. can't even tumblr to show anything my hearts aching for, no dream, no hope, live is all bout lies to me now ... and I trust lie for there I have a reason now to wear a mask eternally
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